In the search for ideas, inspiration, integrity, iodine and other I-words, I have found myself in the middle of wrapping up my Final Fantasy series replay and working on Dragon Quest now that DQ2 is available on iOS. But the iOS releases are based on the Reprise versions, which while nice, are things I have played before and are not the entire history lesson.

So I was messing around with the original Dragon Quest. Selecting the direction you want to talk is super weird. Let’s not get into the password system. But then I noticed something.


Oh yeah, so no sword! Hey, wait so if I spend all that hard earned gold that I got through punching slimes…


Hooray! Indeed, there are sprites for having nothing, having just a sword, just a shield or both. Neato!

So despite the odd things that really show the game’s age, the multiple sprites showing off your equipment were in from the beginning.