Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.07.09

Well now, these saving make up for last week!

Wii U VC


Alien Crush hit the 3DS VC a while back and now it is coming home as well. This feels, not as great? You would hope for same time and/or at least be more excited about the 3DS releases later, right? The portability and all of that? No? Nintendo. 3DS VC. Please. Cough.

Anyway! There are 168 results on Suruga-ya in Portable Games for Mega Man Battle Network. I leave it as your homework to figure out why. Definitely a tempting title because the series really was an interesting twist on the Mega Man experience. Then again, all those sequels and split versions. Eep.

Also, this week in themes, Battle Network and Battle City! All this battling really makes you think, right? No? Well, Battle City is a Namco title that apparently also makes an appearance in the Japanese version of Star Fox Assault. Now how’s that for some interesting trivia?