The fate of the evening

Please enjoy this adorable picture of me because I did not screen cap any F.A.T.E. fights.

Despite FF14 frustrating me with its abundance of super stereotypical, standard, MMO trope-filled, unoriginal, really, really, really, really done a thousand times quests, I keep going back because that is 1) a formula that is easily addictive and 2) F.A.T.E. exists.

The F.A.T.E. system besides being annoying to type with all the periods, which I believe are in the actual name, adds just the necessary amount of spice to my adventuring. Last night no less than three times did I just join a bunch of random folk in killing either a swarm of enemies or one giant enemy and then get rewarded heartily in experience points.

The best was one I just ran up to a big thing that was about my level, began plucking at it fervently until someone who I remembered from an earlier F.A.T.E. showed up and helped. At the end it was only three of us throwing our weight at this behemoth[ref]Not a literal FF Behemoth.[/ref], but we were victorious and then parted ways with a few bows. That was it but it felt satisfying to have that sort of “comradery” even though it was easily just a coincidence.