Colorblindness and rainblocks

therainblocks An early memory of mine involves praise for helping a fellow student who happened to be colorblind. I have no recollection of how exactly I helped or if I was of any real help. But a teacher praised me, and I remember it. Although I have fairly awful vision myself, I am not colorblind and yet it is something I often find myself thinking about.

Once rainblocks was at a stage where I felt I could show it to people and only feel a slightly less-than-all-encompassing sense of shame, one of the earliest comments was how I would be handling colorblind support. I definitely had it on my mind. Originally each color would be a different shape, but I was not liking the way they would flash and change and it did not fit in with the * blocks* part of the name. And I did not want to change the name[ref]I am so bad at naming things. Probably my most hated thing to do in games![/ref]. Eventually, different designs on each block seemed a decent way to address it.

So, if you are colorblind, let me know how rainblocks is for you. I had a friend check it out and he had no problems. But he is just one person. I am aware that colorblindness comes in a variety of types, so I ran the images through some testers that simulate colorblindness. The results seemed fairly positive.

I am sure despite the efforts here that there are some people it still may not be the best for. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. As proud as I am of the rainblocks gameplay idea, I hope to have the playable by as many people as possible.