Games I

Eep. Let's roll that beautiful backlog footage!

Games I beat

[June] : 0

Okay then! Well, I did release a game. And I did work on FFX and FF5 and play a(n un)healthy amount of Hearthstone. I also, whoops, installed Windows and there was that Steam Summer Sale.

Games I bought

  • 2014.06.25: One Way Heroics
  • 2014.06.25: La Mulana
  • 2014.06.25: The Basement Collection
  • 2014.06.25: Bleed
  • 2014.06.25: Dustforce
  • 2014.06.25: Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  • 2014.06.25: Noitu Love 2 Devolution
  • 2014.06.27: Final Fantasy 14
  • 2014.06.27: Shovel Knight

Bought is a bit unfair, though as everything besides One Way Heroics, La Mulana, FF14 and Shovel Knight was part of the Humble Bundle for SGDQ2014. Those other four were gifts because I cannot buy things on Steam due to region locking. Very nice friends helped me out and I am in their debt. Now I just gotta play these things. Especially FF14, because apparently I am a little nutty.