Start me up, indeed

I should have known Windows was a bad idea when The Rolling Stones were chosen as the music for the Windows 95 ad.


It has its purposes since not every game gets its rightfully deserved OS X port so I finally booted up Boot Camp and made the partition so I can play some of the games I have bought or (mostly, graciously) been gifted on Steam that just look like they will never get that OS X port. Falcom, please. Come on.

Well, at least I thought I would do this until I was booting into the USB with all that Windows stuff on it and it would not load the USB drivers. No keyboard. No mouse. No Windows!

Or so it seemed.

See, Apple does load up the USB stick with all the necessary drivers for Windows to play along, but if you boot directly from the USB stick into the Window’s install thinger they do not load. They do, however, if you end up booting from the Boot Camp installer. Why did I not do that to begin with? Well, I did but then realized I had forgotten to grab something off of my OS X partition in case of disaster and went back for it. Then I just booted directly from the USB which, as detailed above, just doesn’t work.