Autocompletion in MonoDevelop

So now that rainblocks is out I have begun to port! Which means I am learning Unity. Something I probably should have done earlier, but not much use in worrying about what I should have done, right? So I downloaded Unity, installed Unity, watched some videos about Unity and then began to recreate rainblocks.

In Unity.

It is weird. Mostly because I am so deep in the Apple way of doing things and Unity very much focuses on the GUI, whereas when I made rainblocks pretty much every aspect of it was hand-coded. Actually, pretty-much is wrong. Everything is. No positioning is automatic. No dragging and dropping was ever done. Lots of math and calculations and placement and stuff. It felt real good. Makes sense in my brain. Unity, not so much. What with the dragging and the dropping.

As I get into the coding portion, however, I am slowly picking up C#. Learning stuff like there is no #define for global constants. And all the various little things. It feels so odd to call methods with parenthesis instead of within brackets. Granted, Swift has come along and well, that is another story for another time.

Anyway, Xcode’s autocompletion is probably why I was able to pick up on Objective C so quickly. Browsing through the options I got a basic idea of what something could do.

But it was not working in MonoDevelop, the IDE[ref]Is that even the term anymore? I am so out of place.[/ref] that comes with Unity. Some things would autocomplete but not enough. So I did some googling and got some weird things about uninstalling and reinstalling. Someone said they had to do it three times. That should not be!

I did find one thing that someone said worked for them and lo and behold, it worked for me.

スクリーンショット 2014-06-15 19.20.51

A-yup! See that there “External Script Editor”? Well, yeah. It was already set to MonoDevelop. But it said MonoDevelop (Default). I clicked and selected MonoDevelop again and guess what? Autocompletion works. Who knows if it will keep working, but at least I have a solution for now.