rainblocks is out

rainblocksheader It started as a brief flash of colors in my almost closed eyelids as I was waiting in my car. rainblocks is probably the only thing I have ever created where the first name I had for it was the name I stuck with. Well, there was a time where the Japanese title was going to be 雨神宮, but that ended up just being the name of the shrine in the background.

Amejingu Shrine.

The hill never got a name, nor did the adorable little cloud, but they are the characters of this game. As I worked out the final details of the game and did my best to make the game as smooth as possible, these darling little creations by Dominik kept me company. I still remember when I got the first batch of art from him. I nearly cried. rainblocks began to look like a real game. Seriously, check out his other work. He is outstanding.

Although as happy as I am with how the game plays and looks, the real delight of this project was working with Manami Matsumae on the music. She watched the game a bit at BitSummit, saw a few videos I made and through that crafted a song that fits in a way that I could have never imagined. Plus, just look at the games rainblocks shares this honor with. Words fail me.

It is out now and I hope you’ll give it a shot.