Maybe you saw this image today.


It bugs me. The racism, absolutely, but that’s obvious. As a translator I just feel that it is a lazy job. Andrew Vestal looked into it and this was what he found out.

So the developer wanted it this way. That said, I still think it was a lazy way to go. I feel there could have been a better effort into making the poor English come across in a way that would either not offend people or even if it did offend people at least it would have been funny. Something challenging. Something that one would miss at first, then understand and laugh at and then feel terrible about having laughed at.

There have been, unsurprisingly, cries to “loosen up”. But let’s (as difficult as it is) put that aside for a moment. Let’s say that they are completely fine with the chance of offending people. If you are going to take a risk like that, shouldn’t at least be with something, well, high quality? Something that adds to the game? Something that even if awful feels like some thought was put into it? Something that one could even have an interesting discussion about at some level? This is awkward without any other substance to it at all. I just cannot imagine being proud of doing this work. I would feel like if I was going to take that sort of risk it would have to be something with lots of layers or something that was some top fucking notch word-play. Edgy is dangerous.

Is that the easy way to localize? Hell no. I have been thinking all day of ways to do it that might capture that old poor localization feeling plus the poor English and end up being either non-offensive or at the least something that makes one think. Results? Nada. And when on a time (and budget) constrained schedule? Even harder. So I sympathize. Writing is fucking hard and every time one sits down to do it the idea of playing with words and going for something that might not work but maybe it will is tempting. But since they could notcome up with a “good” way to do it, they should not have done it at all. But they did. And that’s why it’s a shitty localization.