Android woes

So I was planning on using Apportable to port rainblocks over to Android, but it seems that in the time between my starting the game and now they decided to stop supporting SpriteKit. Apparently they never supported it that strongly to begin with and the resources are not there. I understand that. Ideally I would want to develop the Android port of rainblocks natively, but I just do not think that is realistic. Resources. Like I said, I get that.

What I do not understand is the slew of difficulties I had just getting my wife’s old Galaxy S2 to the newest version of Android it can use. Which, well, is not the newest that it should be able to use or can actually use. Because it was on docomo it is limited even further back. I am very confused.

I still tried playing around with Apportable and got none of my previous apps to even run. Well, one “ran” and by ran I mean “showed a black screen”. Which, if that is what my app actually does, I apologize to the people who actually bought it.

I find it slightly hilarious that one of my apps will not compile because of something about the Google Ads. Yeah. Let that one sink in for a minute. Savor it.