Hearthstone Stats for May 2014

Hearthstone-2014.05.31-17.13.26_halfSize Well, I lied. I said I was going to stick with that Mage deck and I ended up going with a Murloc focused Zoo deck that took me pretty damn far. Rank 4! Pretty happy with that!

So for the season I had a 52.75% win rate bringing myself to a 50.96% win rate overall. It seems a bit nutty that I am barely winning more than I lose, but I am winning more than I lose, so at least I am making progress in the game. I have stopped doing as many Arena runs as I had been and am saving up my gold for the expansion pack. I did two tonight and they fell flat pretty quickly, so I may just not do any more until Curse of Naxxramas hits. Which, knowing Blizzard, could be any time in the next seven years.

June’s goal? Legendary!