Games I beat May 2014

Games I beat

* 2014.05.11: Kero Blaster

Games I bought

* 2014.05.14: Kero Blaster

Well! Short list, but what a hell of a game Kero Blaster was. Other than that I have been playing Hearthstone, which is like an MMO as it keeps me from buying games but it costs me nothing each month! Yay. Although, I kind of want to diversify. Jun will be my third month with the game so we shall see how much I play it.

Other than that I have been poking at FFXHD which is a lot of letters strung together. It really is a joy, but with all the time I spent on my computer this month finishing up rainblocks (Does making a game count towards backlog completion?) it was so much easier for me to boot up Hearthstone to take a break than anything else.