FF5FJF2014 Pre-registrations are open!

And we are already at $765 worth of donations and 548 registered players. It has not even been open for a day. Two cool things this year. One is the Classic Jobs run which I think should be a neat little twist on the gameplay. FF1 jobs only in FF5. Although I need to rewrite the rules a bit since I think it would make sense that all the characters get their jobs as soon as the game starts. Since we are making this like FF1 and all.

Next is the fact that puwexil and Dragondarch will be doing the run instead of me this year. Having two people race to start the event will be a blast. The event keeps getting bigger and better and I could not be happier with how much fun everyone is having.

FF5FJF2014 starts in two weeks. Register yourself and get your game ready.