Yesterday (“today” going by the time this will be posted at) was the first day in a long while that I did not get a blog post up. (Making up for it now with this.) It has been so long since I have found myself falling asleep around 9pm. “Falling asleep” is generous as it was more as if I laid down on the floor to stretch my back out and did not get up for two hours. Shower, back to sleep. Yech.

Although this is my first time being in my thirties, it is interesting how often I get the feeling of being so old while having plenty of people around me tell me how young I am. Staying up until one and then getting myself ready for work anywhere between five-thirty and six-thirty is a powerful combination for not feeling good. Try as I might, getting what I want to get done is harder giving all that is life.

rainblocks is “pretty much” done though. It is only a few more days before Apple gives me the yay or nay and then the marketing push begins. That will keep me plenty busy as well. Exhausted as hell, but it feels good.