Flip a quick nugget to the backnorth hat port

I have been slowly reading through Neuromancer over the past few weeks and it is a constant stream of confusion and interesting. The first part of the book was fairly understandable for me, doubly so because of my knowledge of Japanese and Japan but as the book goes on I have no idea if it is my own ignorance or just the nature of the book itself. Either way, I feel eight different kinds of intoxicated as I consume each and every sentence.

It seems like this may be a book that demands several readings. Which is something that I have found I do not often do. With the pace of creation these days and the treasure trove of untapped media I have around me, getting that first read in is difficult enough. Although that is one hundred percent on me because I do have time to do leisurely things. Where all of that time goes is sometimes a mystery[ref]Hearthstone.[/ref]. It is a hell of a book, though, and I do keep going back to it.