Keeping up with the jokes

The second lesson for sixth grade English is studying the months. To help the students remember they first associate the English words, the students connect the dots to Japanese cultural events for the month. The issue being now that kids either 1) fuck around or 2) genuinely do not know these events. Yeah, the pictures are simple and not great, but a few kids go “Huh? I don’t know this stuff.”

Today one was absolutely fucking around when he said he did not know these cultural things because he was born in Germany. Ah! “Ich kann der Deutsch gesprachen. Und du?” was my response. He stared blankly at me. When he was informed that I was speaking German to him he said “No, I made a mistake. I am from France.” “Parlez vous Francais?” (Granted, this is the only French I know besides J’suis banana.) Later in the class while we were reciting the months he was shouting them out in Japanese because, well, kids.

“Wow, your Japanese is really good!” I tell him. “Of course. I’m from Japan.” he replies.