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I feel I will have a lot to say about Kero Blaster over the next week or so but there is one thing, maybe silly, that is bugging me about this game. Look at the play screen: May_12__2014_at_0537AM

Now look at the shop screen: May_12__2014_at_0537AM (1)

See it?

Why in the heck do the hearts empty from the left? What is even more bizarre is why do they clear from the right in the shop? Either the shop is a mistake because the screen is much more like the PC version with a more extensive and spread out UI, or the game screen is a mistake.

The hearts emptying from the left was weird enough but this inconsistency in the game bugs me. There are so many little details in this game that it is odd that this would happen by mistake. So it would have to be a choice but one that I cannot see any reason for.