I went in for diabetes tests yesterday.

I have been showing a few symptoms, which is scary. I know it is not the end of the world but it would definitely signify a lot of necessary changes. Essentially I would be disappointed because I feel like I have been making strides towards at least eating healthier. That, of course, guarantees nothing.

When the nurse was about to take my blood I mentioned that it would be best if I got to lay down. I pass out. I have no idea if thinking that helps it happen or not but I certainly have had if happen enough to be cautious.

After the blood was drawn I asked for a cup of water. Suddenly I was soaking wet and being shaken awake by the doctor. Passing out in this case is such an odd sensation. There is a distinct burning sensation and a feeling like the world has rebooted. It is awful. Makes me not want to restart my computers.