I have seemingly hit a plateau in Hearthstone. For the past week I have been floating around rank 14. Sometimes I pop up to 13 but then I will soon see myself borderline 15. So there is something that I am not getting. What could it be? Well, the game is so fast feeling with its solid interface that it is easy to get wrapped up in the action and feel like each turn has to be a Michael Bay film. Granted, this problem is not limited to Hearthstone but the meaty beatings that the game delivers makes it easy to get into that mindset.

But that is just an excuse. I have been hopping between a Shaman deck and Warlock deck and still not finding myself at home 100% with either. Perhaps I need to experiment more with other classes? At least the arena has been giving me some chances there but nothing has entirely clicked. Maybe I need to think differently about the game entirely?