No rk's run this year

The past two years I have spent a day in June doing a 24-hour or so live stream of FF5 for the Four Job Fiesta. These were extremely fun days and I am so happy that I have done them. Beating the game in 2012 and coming so ridiculously close in 2013 were both outstanding events even though the results could not be more different. Alas.

I am busy with my job, translating, rainblocks and my family. My son has started kindergarten and my wife is working again. Life is busy. I will still be running the Fiesta because it is one of the best things I am a part of every single year. I will still be participating in the fiesta. But I cannot swing a 24 hour stream.

So I have reached out to the community and two speedrunners will be livestreaming a versus run on June 14 and 15. They will do large chunks both afternoons and we will see who finishes the game first.

Starting June 1 you will be able to vote for their jobs for a week. Starting June 8 until June 14 you will be able to vote for who you think will win. In order to keep things interesting, if both players are assigned the same job for a Crystal, neither will get it and they will get the next one down on the list, going down until they have different jobs. There will also be challenges to donate for. Details will come soon.

My thanks two both of these awesome streamers who have agreed to participate. I will be letting you know who they are when the voting beings June 1.