Fifty perecent

As I was logging my Hearthstone games today I noticed I cracked 50% win rate. I dropped back down again pretty quickly, but I am holding a 53% win rate this season. So I am improving! I am mainly running a Shaman deck I found online that is keeping me pretty happy.

My basic gameplay is improving but I am still a bit weary about playing around with my deck lists. The 30 card limit is so tight that adding one-ofs is not exactly strange to do so. But in the games I am more used to, singles are either restricted cards or a bad idea. In general. So I still feel like my deck-building skills are bottom level. I rarely get a feel for “I wish I had this card instead of this one.” but perhaps I need to start thinking that way as I play.

I am sitting at rank 14 with the season almost a week over. Rank 5 might not be impossible this month.