Let's look at some Hearthstone data!

Data is cool. Once I discovered Hearthstats I began logging every game I played. Over 277 logged ranked matches in April[ref]Eep.[/ref] I had a 48.74% win rate. I started off playing Mage and in those 118 matches I had a 44.07% win rate. I did a bit better when I started maining Warlock and ended up with a 52.2% win rate in 159 matches. This explains the climb I had to finish at rank 10 with my highest rank being 9. Although I had two 7-3 Arena runs before I began my logging, I do not think that would change my arena win rate of 49.3% all that much.


Druid: 17 wins in 35 matches. (48.57%) Hunter: 18 wins in 57 matches. (31.58%) Mage: 19 wins in 41 matches (43.34%) Paladin: 12 wins in 19 matches (63.16%) Priest: 13 wins in 27 matches (48.15%) Rogue: 12 wins in 14 matches (85.71%) Shaman: 12 wins in 16 matches (75%) Warlock: 18 wins in 44 matches (40.91%) Warrior: 14 wins in 24 matches (58.33%)

The general feeling I get from the community is that Hunter and Warlock are pretty powerful and lo and behold, those are my worst match-ups. We are into the new season now, and without any changes I wonder how much of a shift the meta will feel. 101 of my 277 matches were against Hunter and Warlock so it will be interesting to see what the numbers are come the end of May. I have become fairly comfortable with my Warlock Zoo deck, so barring me opening up a few cards that will let me create a different deck, I imagine I will be sticking with it for the time being.

I hope to get to at least rank 5 this month. Getting above a 50% win rate would probably be necessary for this so I think I am going to start recording my matches and putting them up on YouTube[ref]The interesting ones, at least.[/ref] and see if I can get some feedback.