Games I beat April 2014

Well, I was doing pretty decent progress on a lot of games this month and then…

  • 2014.04.01: Final Fantasy 9 (Replay)
  • 2014.04.09: Lost Pig (
  • 2014.04.10: Zork (More like a read-through.)
  • 2014.04.13: Hearthstone (All AI bots)
  • 2014.04.30: Skypeace

Okay, you cannot exactly “complete” Hearthstone except for the fact that I beat all of the AI bots so hey! That counts for something, right?

Finishing my replay of FF9 made me finally understand it even though I definitely ain’t a fan of it. Then I took a side trip into text adventures until I got completely whacked upside the head by Hearthstone. It is like an MMO I want to play. It fills in the gaps. It is something to chew around in my brain. I like it. I hope they add more cards on a more regular basis, though. Summer is a ways off. And hey, I beat all of the single-player content. It counts.

Skypeace is a neat little game I picked up on the eShop. It plays like an endless runner with stages. (We used to call these autoscrollers.) There are ten stages and fifty “titles” to earn. I cleared all ten stages and picked up twelve of them along the way. Not only are they earned for simply playing the stages or doing well, but also for how you play. Avoiding power ups, not moving certain ways and so on. Neat little game worth the ¥300.

I foresee a lot of Hearthstone next month as well, but maybe a bit of it calming down and more games squeaking back in. I am still working on FFX and SMT4 here and there.