Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.04.30

One 3DS game. Again. Big dump of GBA games with another sale of buy one get the second for 30% off.

Wii U VC


China Warrior (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥300 card-only, 600 complete on Suruga-ya) R-TYPE (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥600 card-only on Suruga-ya) wario_land_4metroid_fusionmario_tennis_advance Wario Land 4 (GBA): ¥702 (¥220 cart-only, ¥800 complete on Suruga-ya) Metroid Fusion (GBA): ¥702 (¥2934 in box on Suruga-ya) Mario Tennis Advance (GBA): ¥702 (¥1050 in box on Suruga-ya) mario_luigi_rpgkirby_nightmarezelda_minish Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA): ¥702 (¥770 cart-only, ¥2310 complete on Suruga-ya) Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (GBA): ¥702 (¥490 cart-only, ¥900 complete on Suruga-ya) The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA): ¥702 (¥1029 cart-only, ¥2000 complete on Suruga-ya)

China Warrior sounds like a completely legit and not terribly bad name. It was called The Kung-Fu in Japan, by the by. And now the PC Engine of R-TYPE is available on Wii U VC as well. That does it for the general releases and then comes the GBA games.

Again, a fair chunk of these were given away for the Ambassador Program back in 2011. The thing to note is that if you are looking to have a GBA game collection, the savings here are fairly impressive especially if you buy one and get another 30% off.



Shadowgate (Famicom): ¥514 (¥757 cart-only, ¥1430 on Suruga-ya)

Now you can relive the horrors of your childhood on the go! Shadowgate plays a big role in my general fear of 8-bit stylized games but I still have fond memories of trying to solve the game with my family. Interesting note is how the Japanese localization has the writing changed from second person to first person.