The sound effects for rainblocks are done and implemented. Since so much of the development time was spent with either no sound or sounds from subaku, right now the game is feeling new and alive even to me. And as you can imagine no one has played with the game so far as much as I have. Lots and lots of hours here.

The interesting thing is putting in sounds that a good player will never hear. Huh? You say. Well, I added a sound for when the player tries to move a block that cannot be moved. There is also a little shake animation that goes along with it. Now, a player who knows the game will likely never see this, right? Because they will always be making good moves. So I never originally thought to add this because I am so used to the game that I would not be making impossible moves. But now there is feedback for the players who are still trying to figure it out.

Having someone point out that this would help opened my eyes to a whole lot of other different little tweaks to add here and there to make the game feel more solid. Although I have learned this a hundred times, getting another pair of eyes and hands on a project just for that bit of distance is so important.