Having gotten into Hearthstone I am finally doing what I said I would do every single time I started a new TCG but did not. Because of well, you know, cash money. I am netdecking. When I was younger the idea of taking a deck someone else made and using it felt like cheating. I had to make my own deck and win with my own skills. Except what I never realized until much time had been spent, there are two major skills to TCGs and they are very different. To build a deck and to play the game is not the same thing. And to try to do both at the same time can only lead to frustration. Because what is the problem? My playing skill? Or my deckbuliding skill?

So I netdeck. Now I know I am playing a solid deck and can work form there to build my game skill. Yes, I will have to learn the deck and yes, the deck is probably not perfect. But there is a place for me to start from as opposed to.

I am currently playing a Warlock Zoo and while I lack some of the cards to mimic it in its entirety, having a decent base has gotten me a lot further than I was doing on my own.