As I find myself transitioning to an individual developer to working with people to do things that I cannot myself do well, I find my email inbox becoming more active. I never understood the concept of “email problems” because I did not have one. My job gets me minimal emails, maybe one or two a week.

So as I am starting to see my email load increase I found both Apple and Google’s iOS offerings to not do what I need. Apple’s is close, but the gmail notifications are just not there. I downloaded Dropbox’s Mailbox because of the free Dropbox space it would give but I ended up turning it into my main iOS mail app.

The reason for this is that it employs a setting which I have not seen on any other mail app. It does not count unread mails but rather total number of conversations in the inboxes. Since I went through my gmail accounts a few months ago and deleted, archived or just generally did something with every single email in my google mail history, I ended up with the perfect situation to work with this software.

Because now anything sitting in my inbox is something I have to deal with. And that nagging little number, there even if I read the email or not, means I have to take action. Be that shove it in another folder, delay it to another day or make a note to, you know, take care of the damn email, I am worrying a lot less about the increase in stuff