I have been putting all of my scant gaming time into Hearthstone. Last night after a string of losses I had that dreadful “What am I doing?” feeling. I began wondering if I was just wasting my time. I closed the app and went to bed wondering if I would open it up again.

This morning as I was doing some work and making some plans for the next upcoming days my mind wandered to Hearthstone and I realized I had no goal for the game. With something like Final Fantasy X that I am also in the middle of playing my goal is simple. Beat it. When I do the Four Job Fiesta I have a stricter, but still well defined goal. My Hearthstone playing had none of that.

Sure, the ultimate goal is to “enjoy myself” but I look to do that when eating breakfast, working or doing anything. So “enjoy myself” is no measurable metric. I need to spend a little bit of time thinking about what I want to get out of it. Do I want to be a high ranking competitive player? Do I want to collect all the cards? Do I want to get good at the drafting Arena mode? Without setting down what I want to get out of the game the only thing I will do is feel like I have done nothing.]