Where's my pig?

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Listening to a few episodes of The Incomparable, I stumbled across a text adventure episode that caught my ear. Throughout the listening I found out about Lost Pig and decided to give it a whirl. The game only took me an hour or so to beat but it was a real joy.

Why? There are lots of text adventures out there to play, but this one was short and sweet. Real sweet. The goal is simple. Find the pig that escaped because you left the gate unlocked. Naturally just finding the pig is not enough.

You can play it here. Go do that and then come back for the spoilers.

The best part about small games is when they give you lots and lots to do within reasonable constraints. The options in Lost Pig even allow for you to drop your torch at the beginning of the game and continue on, as long as you remembered to set your pants on fire. I mean, you are going to need a source of light after all.

There are only seven points to acquire in the game and they come pretty easily. Mostly. While I understood what I had to do to get that elusive seventh point, I was a bit confused about the exact details of it all. There was also something weird about how I accidentally dropped the coin somewhere, but now that I think about it, the pig was screwing around and perhaps it made me drop the coin.

I had no idea that Grunk was an orc until some of the dialog made that clear. Up until then I just thought he was a caveman. Grunk is clearly not bright and the writing shows that. The player gets inside Grunk’s poorly thought thoughts. It made puzzles that were simple hard just because the information received was mutated enough that it still made sense but in a way I was not going to initially be aware of.

It was great fun and definitely not a bad way to spend an evening.