Congratulatory ceremony time

My son had his entrance ceremony for kindergarten today. As the old man sitting next to me farted and took awful photographs with the flash way too bright, I could not help but be proud that my child was not one of the many screaming, crying children.

Well, he did cry. But this was when he realized that he was going home instead of getting to stay at the school longer. So I suppose that is a good sign.

Starting Monday he will just be thrown into the school and while it is no sink or swim situation, I do hope that he realized that this quick and drastic change from being home most of every day to not that is not a huge issue. Because that is pretty much how life is once you start school. Then work. And then hopefully you (I?) will find something to keep doing until I am not here anymore. Huh, well that got dark.

Anyway, congratulations, son!