As soon as a spoon

I went out for ice cream with my son. Being the age that he is, he dropped his plastic spoon. No big deal. Console child. Pick up the spoon. Go ask for a new one. Boom. Except as soon as I turned around to go ask, one of the women behind the counter had already come over with a new spoon for the boy.

Now, here is the magic.

This was a busy time. Midday, after lunch, packed store. Three people working behind the counter to deal with the rush. And yet, what I can only imagine was out of the corner of her eye, she saw the situation and went to make it better. Boom. Outstanding. That is how you earn customers, even though it is entirely likely that I will never run into this store clerk again given the infrequency of me going out for ice cream and the way part time workers change. Still. It felt real good.

Noticing these little things is immensely key. After my son and I finished we went to order for my wife who was not with us. Different clerk took the order this time but she noticed we had eaten because when I made the order she said “This is take out, right? Do you want dry ice?” Boom. Again. It is this sort of customer service that makes me so irritated whenever I go back to the US. Contrasting this to having annoyed clerks in the States by daring to interrupt them as they used their cellphone at the register to go through the purchasing process, these little moments at a chain ice cream store remind me of how much these little things do matter.