Vulvacia Barbecuesauce: Chapter Eleven

Twelve (The reasoning for the seasoning)

Boston picked up a pile of rosemary, sage and cinnamon and realized it was time for him to take action. Sprinkling himself with all of the seasonings, his frail body began to surge with the energies of each and every crumbled Delicion of the Flavormakers. His heart struggled under the power that his limbs were experiencing, but he knew he had nothing else to lose but Vulvacia, and that was the one thing he would not be losing this Saturday afternoon. There was nothing good on FutureTV anyway.

Vulvacia was in danger and needed Deus Ex Machina. He would be it. The seasoning technique of his people was dangnerous for a free thinking lover like himself, but if there was anything else that he could do, it was not possible for him to think of it. He waddled his ever growing body to the garage. It was time for him to use it. To the max.

As he reached for the garage cyberdoor, Boston stopped. Except for his frail heart nothing else would move. Someone must have poisoned the cinnamon.