Space battles

I spent my cooking and cleaning time today listening to The Incomparable talk about the original Star Wars (Part 1 and Part 2) movie. Hearing people talking about it so enthusiastically brought back some fondness that I forgot I ever had for the film. So I was thinking about when I would show the film to my son. I saw the last half of The Empire Strikes Back first. It was on one Saturday night and when my brother and I were flipping channels we thought “Death Vader” was a ridiculously intimidating and the droids were beyond cool. I may or may have not constructed a cardboard R2D2 costume later that night. I have no idea how old I was.

But I own no copies of any of the films. And from my quick browsing, they do not even seem to be available on iTunes, which seems bonkers? I still have some time as my son is still young, but… Yeah. I kind of want to re-watch them for myself right now.