More money, less money

q_chickencrisp_l Taxes went up and prices followed. Well, not everything. The Chicken Crisp, my standard purchase if I decide to go the McDonald’s route, is ¥100 still, which makes me happy. They also brought back the ¥100 hamburger. Not that I should be going to McDonald’s, but. A lot of the other prices are weird, though. Numbers I have not seen end prices in a long time are showing up everywhere.

What bugged me was that the gas station near me, a place that had signs up showing off their competitive price, had no sign up on April 1. It is no surprise that they would raise their prices. But the fact that they would choose not to show them bugs me. The prices are up now, and they are in line with what I would expect. They were constantly changing the price as gasoline prices rose and fell, so it was not the inability to show the numbers. They just chose not to. Weird.

Beef-bowl chain Sukiya chose to drop the price of their standard beef-bowl as their competitors raised prices. As long as this is not impacting employee pay, I have to say high five to the higher ups for making me want to go there instead.

The place I get my haircut raised their price from ¥1400 to ¥1450 and while that is definitely more than a 3% increase, I admit I will happily deal with that instead of all the little yennies that some stores seem no issue with handing me from now on.

It all feels weird.