Games I beat March, 2014


Games I beat

  • 2014.03.23: Cave Story (Replay, True Ending)
  • 2014.03.24: Papers, Please (Several Endings)
  • 2014.03.25: Super Mario 3D World

I spent lots of time trying to finally get the True Ending in Cave Story and even though it was on easy, it was sure as heck a success in my book. Papers, Please was a pleasantly, well unpleasant game I suppose. Great but did not leave me feeing great. Super Mario 3D World was absolutely fantastic.

Games I bought

  • 2014.03.01: Super Mario 3D World
  • 2014.03.23: Papers, Please (Gift)
  • 2014.03.20: Ys Celceta (PS+)
  • 2014.03.26 Final Fantasy X HD
  • 2014.03.26 Final Fantasy X-2 HD

With the dreaded tax hike in Japan (5% → 8%, le horrouere) coming I decided to pick up a few things earlier than I would otherwise. I am nearing the end of FF9 and while it will not go on this month’s list, it will probably show up beaten April 1. Lots of great stuff to play in April.

Update Taxes! So I picked up a bunch of stuff with my remaining Nintendo Fun Balance™.

  • 2014.03.31: Hebereke (3DS VC)
  • 2014.03.31: Marvelous: Another Treasure Island (Wii U VC)
  • 2014.03.31: Tactics Ogre (Wii U VC)
  • 2014.03.31: Metroid II: Return of Samus (3DS VC)
  • 2014.03.31: Glory of Heracles III: Silence of the Gods (Wii U VC)

I was going to grab the 3 Romancing SaGa games, but I have the carts already so I got some stuff I have never played and have been meaning to. Tactics Ogre might be a mistake, but I might as well try sometime. Going to be real busy with games this year.