Vulvacia Barbecuesauce: Chapter Ten

Eleven (An exploded man buys no ham.)

Griz Lee’s smile finally formed. Ethel shrugged her exploded essence at him. “You’ll figure this exploded life out soon enough. Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Griz said turning his smile back into exploded essence. Ethel just moved onwards, signaling for Griz to follow. Moving as an exploded being was not something that one could get a hold of right away and Ethel was quite aware of this. However her distaste for Griz was so strong still that if he were to get lost or dispersed that she would just find someone else to do her bidding. But she knew his grade-school crush on her could be easily manipulated. A fish-beard beefmonger is no hard target.

Griz first tried putting one bit in front of the other but that was not working. He tried pulling his essence towards Ethel’s explosion but that did not work either. Finally he looked over towards Ethel and saw that her graceful movement was just a deception. She was not not-moving. She was not unmoving. She was existing with the radio-magnetic waves and letting them pull her bits. Her destination was there destination and by giving into the will of the waves, she was able to control that will herself. He let go and realized that the essence of being an exploded being was being what one was and what one had not once not been. He began to flow.

Ethel laughed as Griz finally got all of his bits within speaking range of hers. “Here’s the supermarket.”

“Oh good. I could use some ham,” Griz felt relieved at the chance to fill his explosion with some good meat.

“No ham for you, fishy-boy. Let’s go wallet shopping.”