A fully explored cave

スクリーンショット 2014-03-23 12.25.26

As I lay in the tub[ref]Now you are picturing me naked. You are welcome.[/ref] I thought about why I have been playing so much Cave Story as of late. This is because the hot, steamy bath is the most perfect of places to gather one’s thoughts. Turns out the whole Iga leaving Konami thing sparked it. Which, you would think would mean I would be playing a Castlevania game, but not so much.

I wrote yesterday about how I finally got through Hell, but I also played Curly Mode, which I was a bit disappointed to find out was mostly just swapping the main characters. The dialog also fit and Curly herself had lines which was different from the Silent Protagonist Original Mode, but I was still hoping for some other story instead.

Now that I have finished replaying this yet again, I find myself itching to find a Metroidvania game I have not yet played and working through it. I have Aquaria on the iPad, but I could never get into it. A Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid play through might be in order.

What made Cave Story work is how it is short and still packed full of secrets. I might have exhausted them at this point, but being able to make it through the game fairly quickly on Easy yesterday felt satisfying. What it has left behind, though, is a hunger for a quick, short RPG since action titles are not entirely what I want to be doing with my time. My stack of To-Play RPGs constantly grows, but their lengths are formidable.