Into the cave and down to hell

This article went through four stages. The first was joy that I had beaten Hell in Cave Story. This was before I had done it and had just assumed I was going to shortly. The next was rage after failing over and over. The third was utter frustration from having replayed the game on Easy to get to the extra area with maybe a chance of completing it, beating the final boss, putting down my controller and then realizing there was a third form to the final boss. Now here is the forth stage, where I have finally beaten it. csclear

It was super frustrating and lots of spent time. The middle part was the real nuisance as I rarely, if ever, got out of the falling block area without losing more than half of my life. Getting to the first of two bosses with decent enough health to survive the whole ordeal comes to a near halt because of the damage I take.

I made it, though. And I did not even need the Life Pot, thanks to abusing the Machine Gun to float above the bats in Ballos’s second form and get all my health and missiles back. Probably a strategy that is “acceptable” simply because there is no way to make it in the “good” time limit doing it this way.

But I did it. Finally. Crack open a something because yay, I finally “beat” beat Cave Story.

(Utterly ridiculous bonus area. So frustrating.)