Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.03.19

I like to say that no releases means less money for me to spend. This week has nothing I will be picking up personally but there is a decent amount of stuff at fairly good savings.

Wii U VC


I had to do some research this week. Knightmare is a 1986 MSX vertical shooter that did some nifty tech things to add shadows that did not cause issues with the sprites being displayed. Nifty!

Nintendo World Cup being the localized name for one of the many, many, many Kunio-kun sports games is a little bit of trivia that makes my head spin. So many of those games came out and yet there was no real connection outside of Japan.

Need I say anything about Super Mario USA?



  • SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi (Famicom Disc System): ¥500 (¥1800 disk-only on Suruga-ya)

Although Gachapon Senshi received a Famicom Mini release, putting it on VC is a fine choice for a FDS game. I can only hope that all, if not most, of the FDS games get put up as getting a working FDS is only going to become harder and harder.