Merging melodies

rockman_title In what I can only describe as a moment of ridiculousness, I only just today realized that the ending theme of Rockman is how the opening to Rockman 2 begins. And I have beaten both games many times! Sitting down to think of how in the hell this could be, I realized that I have never beaten the two games back to back. When I was a child, my brothers and I thought there was no such game as Mega Man and the series started with 2 because we could never find it in stores.

In fact, it was well after 4 came out when we finally got our hands on a copy. Playing it after its many sequels left a bit to be desired and coupled with the fact that I just could. not. get. past the moving platforms at the beginning of Guts Man’s stage.

Even when I played 1-8 last year, I had picked up 2 on the 3DS shop months earlier and did not replay it when I picked up the other Famicom games on sale last January. So. Weird little thing that led me to not realize a cool little nod until my iTunes shuffling led me to it.