Quick SMT4 Thoughts

Medusa_SMT_IVI finally booted up SMT4 again and whacked away at Minotaur until it fell. It took five tries with tweaks after each painful game over. Rebooting the game made the speedy method of just going through the menus and giving up Game Coins to restart tempting. However I have resolved myself to saving them there Coins because I am losing a lot of them from goof-ups. Somehow I doubt the intention behind SMT4 was to get me to walk more, but I need Coins. It is such an interesting mechanic because I am so much likelier to take risks that could go either way without the slightest worry. Okay, slight lie there. There is still a ton of worry but the payoffs are greater and the losses are just a bit less. Enough to matter.

Instead of jumping to a guide from frustration, I played around in the Medusa battle and greatly enjoyed it. Well, no. I was angry that I kept on losing but when I did win the victory was so much more mine and so much more satisfying. I am now wandering around Tokyo (spoilers) which once again increases the amount of time that I have spent in SMT Tokyo to magnitudes above that in real Tokyo.