Vulvacia Barbecuesauce: Chapter Eight

Ninth (The eighth chapter was deleted for pride.)

Sadness’s overalls were far to old for this sort of shopping, but it was a necessity if victory was to be hers. The faded blue seemed to almost melt into her cold skin, making her feel naked to the world.

“Bacon on sale, 50% markup!” A fat man sitting in a lawnchair was yelling today’s sales. Sadness smiled to think that her influence had at least made sales become backwards of what they used to be in the long ago times where Happiness and Justice were far too common. She hoped that her overalls would be enough of a disguise to prevent the lawnchairer from noticing her. She did not have time for compliments. Now where were those wipes?

Walking pasted the Overly Salted Meats, Sadness looked around for the Wipes and Oils aisle. This shop looked nothing like she remembered from her youth. But she still had her discount card and she would be using it today. She would be using it so much that the Cashregisterer would surely explode from the sadness that it would entail. And Sadness would be rightly equipped with the hand-wipes capable of destroying Vulvacia Barbecuesauce.

An awkward chill surrounded her and Sadness felt lighter all of a sudden. Reaching to her back pocket she noticed her wallet was missing.