A burning peach

imagesAs I was playing as Peach in Super Mario 3D World picking up a Fire Flower blew my mind. Unless I missed it, Fire Flower Peach was not something that has yet happened in a Mario game but either way they nailed it here. From the white dress with red trim to the ponytail which says “serious business time” it is a perfect example of character design. It says so much about the design that I had no idea that it would be this way when I picked up the power-up but when the transformation happened my first thought was “Of course.”

The other great part is that as Peach has not been playable in many games, her Super Mario Bros 2/USA appearance sticks in minds and that play-style works perfectly in 3D World. It feels a bit different than Mario in the original 3D Land, making the idea of going back through these stages as different characters a tempting idea.