Last class

I had the last classes that I would ever have with some students today and they were some of the worst I have ever taught. I understand that students are excited to graduate and that classes mean little at this point. I remember that time myself. But the sheer disrespect I saw for, well, everyone, from some of the students just bummed me out.

Even the homeroom teachers got frustrated with how the students were just chatting away when I was talking or when the other students were presenting. Their age makes me understand why can happen, but considering that I have a lot of students and this happens not so much, it bums me out even more.

I suppose it can all be summed up by how at the end of my last class today the teacher told the students that since this was going to be their last class with me, they should give me a big “thank you”. One of the students goes “Huh? This is the last class with him?” The homeroom teacher replies “Yes. And he told you that at the beginning of class.”