rainblocks at BitSummit

booth I showed off rainblocks this weekend and got tons of great feedback. There were two specific, and surprisingly repeating, things that blew my socks off as a developer.

People got competitive There was a rivalry between some of the assistants at BitSummit. They would come up to my booth when no one was around and see if someone beat their high score. Two in particularl kept going back and forth reclaiming the top score.

That was cool. When a young couple was playing side by side, they kept peeking over at the other’s screen and seeing who had the higher score. That was awesome. When one of them got a game over, they started barking orders to their partner. “Blue! Yellow! Move that there, yeah! No, not like that!” Seeing people get excited about my game was great. Having someone come over for the fifth time and ask “One more game?” was mind blowing.

No one quit after their first game over subaku turned away people quickly with its number crunching. Although I found some people who loved the game (The comments last year were either “Ew, math.” or “Ooh, math.”) the game was maybe a bit too complex. This year, though, lots of people quickly got a game over and every single one tapped “new game” as soon as they could. Scores climbed as they played and a lot asked when the game would be out.

One of the most encouraging comments I got was “This is a mobile game.” I learned a lot about my game from watching other people play it. As a single developer I have no idea how I would be able to get as much great feedback. My iPad is completely plastered with fingerprints and I hope when rainblocks comes out it will make people plaster their own iPads.