Happy birthday, subaku


subaku is a year old as of today! Well, in my heart the birthday is tomorrow, but since Apple’s servers seem to dictate when things are released, it technically got upped and released on March 6, even though it was March 7 when I knew about it.

Tomato, tomato.

Hard to believe that it has been a year since my first game came out. I learned so much, though. Such as not rushing the release. That is not to say the game was not ready, but I had no idea that you could keep it up on Apple’s servers and give out codes for people to download it in advance. Right, that is how you would do reviewing. I could have given the game to people at BitSummit as a sneak peek, gotten some interest brewing as well as a release date on the table, and then have launched to perhaps a little more fanfare.

Purchases still happen once in a while and copies of subaku mini get downloaded here and there, but the marketing aspect is so much harder and important than I would have thought. You want to believe that good games just get noticed. Maybe subaku is not great, but I am proud of it and hopes that it gets into the hands of people. Making subaku and subaku mini separate downloads might also have been a mistake. It is pretty easy to go and buy the full version, but transferring over progress is friction that probably would annoy many. Doing that sort of programming did teach a lot, however.

I am polishing up my next game right now and am fairly happy with this “game a year” “”schedule”” that I am on. I have no idea if this will ever go beyond a hobby, but it has grown into a lovely one.

Happy birthday, subaku.