Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.03.05

Sequel week! This week Nintendo’s VC does exactly what it should be doing, delivering you bargains via the ability to pick up “Collector’s Items” at an actual reasonable price. Does not hurt one bit that they are solid games.

Wii U VC


  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (Famicom Disk System): ¥500
  • Super C (Famicom): ¥500 (¥2,520 cart-only, ¥9000 on Suruga-ya)

Okay, so I cannot find a price for Simon’s Quest, but as a Famicom Disk System game, it is not exactly the easiest thing to get running. Having played it on the Wii, I have to admit the load times are a bit annoying, but nowhere near as bad as the real thing. I can see the ¥100 to upgrade from Wii to Wii U will soon be going out of my Nintendo Fun Wallet™. According to Wikipedia, which is never wrong, it seems that the NES release of Super C has some literally unique content that the original did not. No Konami Code this time, which surprised me. Just like the original Contra the stage select available in the Japanese version is not found in Super C.



  • Gargoyle’s Quest II (Famicom): ¥500 (¥799 cart-only, ¥2190 on Suruga-ya)

A decently late era NES game, Gargoyle’s Quest II is a reverse to the “Original on NES, sequel on GameBoy” trend. Interestingly enough, there is a Japan-only remake of this for the GameBoy.