Family fun


I lied. Kind of. I intended to go sell New Super Mario Bros. U and put the money towards 3D World however the buyback price on NSMBU has dropped to ¥1000. So I decided to keep it for the time being and just pick up 3D World anyway. When I brought it back home my son picked it up and said “I want to watch this!” So I put it on and my wife suggested both he and her join me. My wife is no experienced gamer and my son is a few months shy of three, but it was still an outstandingly fun time.

I am unsure how much my son understood that the button pressing equated Luigi’s movement, but he nonetheless had a blast watching what was going on the screen. I was completely surprised that we were able to make it through four stages without any hitch whatsoever. Sure, he was not exactly helping but that was so far from the point. I realize that Nintendo intends for these games to be accessible by all ages but I was not expecting it to work with a child younger than three.

Great fun. Looking forward to watching him develop skills at this.