Peach's castle


Sometimes a month is nearly over and I fell like padding the numbers for my monthly backlog “challenge”. So I turned on New Super Mario Bros. U and began poking at it. I had no idea how close I was to the end but I had left off one stage before Peach’s Castle. I had enjoyed myself when playing it, but found it hard to keep focused on it. This sounds bad, but then again I was able to pick it up and put it down every once in a while over a year. I kept coming back because I was having fun.

Peach’s Castle was an absolute blast, however. I could not put it down and just keep pushing my poor Mario controlling skills and blew about fifty lives in my quest to reach Bowser. The last Bowser fight in NSMBWii was a surprising joy and I knew something was coming up here and expected it to let me down.

It was nowhere near as grand as the NSMBWii fight, but it was appropriate for how the real villain of this game was Bowser Jr. Wrestling with him for control of the little flying copter thing in order to use it to bonk King Koopa on the head three times, as it is the magic number, was not as difficult as the preceding stages but an absolute joy.