Before Capcom knew how to hunt

Breath of Fire 2-2014.03.01-21.57.59 The characters in Breath of Fire were not only unique in battle but also out of it. Switching the lead character gives access to certain abilities, be that punching walls, swimming quickly underwater, flying through the sky, lock picking and hunting animals on the world map. It was something that made the game stand out. In Breath of Fire 2 Capcom wanted to seemingly expand on this and put little tufts of grass around the world map. Going up to one and pressing A brings up one of the worst mini-games I have seen in an RPG.

Breath of Fire 2-2014.03.01-17.45.01

Take the above image. By the time I could get even near the animal to take a shot at it, it had run around the field for a few good seconds. As soon as I did get near it and take a slow shot, it moved out of the way. I tried to set it up so it would hopefully walk into Bow’s bullet, it just ran off the screen. I have hit the animals three times without them dying. While they were equally annoying to hit in the original BoF, at least they were down in one shot. What’s worse is that going off to an entirely separate screen slows down the process immensely. And then I end up not getting anything out of it.

Breath of Fire 2-2014.03.01-17.56.10

Then we have this beautiful case. As far as I can tell there is nothing here. I may be missing something, and I will happily admit to being wrong if that is the case. But between shooting randomly and inspecting the rocks and trees I have come up with nothing but a waste of time.